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So what online dating platforms do singles search for most?

Facebook has taken notice, recently announcing its plans to roll out a dating function within the core Facebook app.

As one of the more prominent digital industries around, online dating has branched out to include highly specific niche websites catering to equally specific user demographics and preferences, such as those over 50 or embracing a vegan lifestyle.

The irresistible word “free,” appealing to human impulsiveness, also appears in a number of variations, from the second most leveraged emotional trigger of "Join Free" to the less used "Browse Free".

The phrases using urgency as an emotional trigger include "Free Today" (coupling the power words of “free” and “today”), "Singles Near", "Join Now", and lastly, "Start Dating".

Baldwin says he’s thought about dipping into the online-dating scene, and jokingly imagines the kind of responses he might get.

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“I could post my picture and say, ‘People tell me I look like Alec Baldwin.’ They’ll go, ‘Oh, I hate him’ or ‘Who the hell is he?

All of the online dating platforms included in our analysis are free for the basic version.

Users who desire more advanced features can opt to enroll in a “freemium” service, usually by paid subscription. OKCupid is the second most-trafficked site, and Plentyof Fish ( claims the third spot.

Its depth in niche preferences is matched by its geographical breadth, as users can now shop around internationally.

With spring in the air (at least for the northern hemisphere), SEMrush decided to collect and analyze global data to discover the most popular online dating websites, both in terms of the number of direct search requests and traffic volume, as well as the sources of site traffic.


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