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This means that if any group of people uses the latest version of Whats App—whether that group spans two people or ten—the service will encrypt all messages, phone calls, photos, and videos moving among them.And that's true on any phone that runs the app, from i Phones to Android phones to Windows phones to old school Nokia flip phones.

With encryption, he says, you can even be a whistleblower—and not worry.

The FBI and the Justice Department declined to comment for this story.

Like Apple, Whats App is, in practice, stonewalling the federal government, but it's doing so on a larger front—one that spans roughly a billion devices."Building secure products actually makes for a safer world, (though) many people in law enforcement may not agree with that," says Acton, who was employee number forty-four at Internet giant Yahoo before co-founding Whats App in 2009 alongside Koum, one of his old Yahoo colleagues.

With encryption, Acton explains, anyone can conduct business or talk to a doctor without worrying about eavesdroppers.

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In the months since, its service has apparently been used to facilitate criminal acts, including the terrorist attacks on Paris last year.

According to , as recently as this month, the Justice Department was considering a court case against the company after a wiretap order (still under seal) ran into Whats App's end-to-end encryption."The government doesn't want to stop encryption," says Joseph De Marco, a former federal prosecutor who specializes in cybercrime and has represented various law enforcement agencies backing the Justice Department and the FBI in their battle with Apple.

With end-to-end encryption in place, not even Whats App's employees can read the data that's sent across its network.

In other words, Whats App has no way of complying with a court order demanding access to the content of any message, phone call, photo, or video traveling through its service.


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