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See also: Berlin Escorts Legalised prostitution, cut-price offers and a boom in sex tourism mean Berlin's red light districts are thriving.Though prostitution is legal throughout Germany, red-light areas are with higher concentrations of sex for sale.Although prostitution has been widely accepted in Berlin, and Germany as a whole, it was not legalized until in 2002.

The thinking behind legalization of prostitution was to improve the legal position of hookers and their profession.

After legalization, hookers like all other professionals, could now access medical insurance and could contribute towards retirement schemes.

With tight clothes and bum bags strapped around their waists, sex workers wait by the roadside close to Hackescher Markt, one of Berlin's busiest shopping and entertainment districts.

This is a familiar sight just before dark in Berlin.

These prostitution areas include: Berlin, ‘the city that never sleeps’, is now home to Germany’s red light districts.

Unlike night clubs in other red light street clubs of the world, the night life in Berlin starts later. To cover up for the late start, the clubs can stay open until the midday the following day!

In this great city, you will find night clubs of all sizes and shapes! The one-kilometer strip in the Berlin Mitte district, also home to Berlin’s New Synagogue, is synonymous with the city’s liberal stance on prostitution.

But this place is mainly overpriced services for gullible tourists.

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