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Who better to run a seminar on The Future Of The Automobile than the Petersen Automotive Museum and the World Affairs Council of Los Angeles?

Visit one of the world's best automotive museums and sit in seminars surrounded by multi-million dollar historic Ferraris (including a $30 million GTO) and 1000HP racing Porsche 917s.

(FOA has been working with EPRI, the utility "Bell Labs" on understanding fiber for communications in their industry.) One fact that arose is that cities are the focus of all this technology.

Like the Internet and cellular wireless, the focus is on cities and the rural areas are unlikely to benefit from this technology.

What was most interesting was not what was said - that was what we expected, lots of forecasts for a bright future for both EVs and AVs but little concern for their impact on cities, electrical utilities or people.

The use of the term "impact" is intended to have a double meaning, with the conference coming shortly after another fatal Tesla crash, this time into a freeway barrier, and a fatal Uber crash with a pedestrian.

Rural: One of the big challenges for companies developing driverless cars is how those vehicles perceive the world around them.

As the recent fatal accident in Arizona involving an Uber autonomous vehicle made clear, the technology has a long way to go.

We did not get to ask who from telecommunications companies and cities who will have to develop the infrastructure was involved.

Nor did the discussion on EVs discuss the requirements for providing enough electrical power for all the forecasted EVs.


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