Not engaged yet after dating

Okay, so you may want to book the hotel where you and your beau took your first trip away, the photographer your cousin had for her wedding, and the band you heard last week in your favourite bar.

It’s great to have leads, but don’t go signing on the dotted line, and handing over deposits just yet.

Likewise, don’t talk too much about wedding details with your work colleagues if you don’t think they’ll make the cut for your wedding.

Hold off until you’ve sat down with your partner, and worked out your guest list and bridal party, especially if your wedding is a year or two down the line.

While Jana hasn’t divulged specific details about her romantic life, she hasn’t exactly shied away from talking about her hopes and desires for her future either.

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In a March episode of “Counting On” she made it clear she prefers a working man, and in an October segment, she clarified to the cameras that she’s not out to marry the “first one who comes along.”“I don’t know what the next five years will look like. Maybe I’ll meet the one and get married and have kids and stuff,” she said, adding, “There have been different guys come along and ask, but they haven’t been the right one. I’m not just out to get married to the first one who comes along.”Jana didn’t name her suitors, but she has been attached to several men.

I have picked out my color scheme, my bridal party, and I read blogs daily. I know I sound crazy, but I am such a planner and I think this will motivate me to find someone to spend the rest of my life with.

Obviously each family is different, for us, we got engaged in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, so we left until we’d woken up the next day to let anyone know.

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I have dreamed about being married ever since I was a little girl!


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