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This is a kind of guy code; an unspoken, but universally understood male slang.

This is a kind of guy code; an unspoken, but universally understood male slang.

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And ladies, if you are confused about a man’s intentions—just ask him to clarify.

It’s your responsibility not to let him lead you on. Men, imagine what it would be like if we started stepping up and took dating seriously?

And more importantly, theres a subtle implication that the woman is someone that the man would like to spend time with.

That being around her is all about good experiences and fun, positive energy that the man can relate to, and not about any negative things that men unfortunately associate with women they dont like. Ever been talking about something you feel strongly or kind of emotional about and the guy you were talking to either shut down, seemed irritated, or started in on you for some unknown reason? What are these women doing that makes men see them that way?

These viking women are the enigma wrapped in a conundrum because the men still haven’t figured them out.

If dating Swedish men was confusing enough, then dating Swedish women must be more so.

I’m a girl, an American-Indian girl, and therefore am not Swedish.

But I have a few Swedish girlfriends and they all have opinions of their fellow male counterparts. Swedish guys have done a good job of losing their balls over the years, part thanks to feminism, part thanks to super tight jeans that served as self castrating devices.

So what does this guy code of a cool girl actually mean?

In my experience, after hanging out with hundreds of men and getting the same general idea of what they mean when they say a cool girl, they mean that the woman gets certain social and emotional dynamics that resonate deeply with men.


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