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For the time being, these are the only things that have been given the all clear from this new law.The Stop Online Piracy Act will play a major role in future world wide web development.

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We have the dry Western and Interior, and then we have Rain Forests. Including, Administration and Management of Aboriginal and Islander and associated organisations. Legal Services, Health Services, Hostels, Youth Services, Education etc. alb)At present, there are over 5.000 Aboriginal and Islander Organisations or Corporations. Regarding and involving easier and continued access to funding. I left Thursday Island many years ago and I lived in Cairns for a few years before moving to Darwin. We must Avoid, Administrators being appointed, De-funding of A&I Organisations. You know about the most powerful man in the world.? And they feel No Obligation to Aboriginal People or the Aboriginal Cause. A victim of a theft is the one that lost the money. And it may have been coincidental, but not long after, publicly stated (on Let's Talk) that he was like a boxer, in that he gets knocked down but he keeps getting up.! ) seem to be more concerned with Festivities/Celebrations/Carnivals! I notice they got their colour code/quota worked out. And only as feel good stories from them if ya brown hang round People. Rather than be honest and upfront and state/say right from the beginning, we don't represent people on this issue, and we are not here because a significant section of our Aboriginal community asked us or elected us to be. No, they all, including Tiga, chose to deliberately mislead the public.

Yes Australia, where people freeze to death in the snow, as others die of thirst in our deserts.! And in the next suburb, Housing Commission virtually giving them away. 11/2005, alb)A major problem and impediment to progress is the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) aka, The Aboriginal Industry. 9/2007 alb)I am a full-blood Torres Strait Islander and very proud of my race. They have been doing it for a while.) And, No Tax To Pay.! That's another Major Drama and Worry, these People influencing decisions that affect our future. The us and them mentality and attitude is Prevalent. You see all these thousands of Black African Refugees in Australia with thousands more to come.? And in a few years time, not long, these people will Dominate in this Country. And while you young (and old) fullas sit around playing , with your Surly, Chip on the Shoulder, Grudge Against Society Attitude, the African Aussie may well be the future, Black Face of Australia. A victim of an assault for instance, is the one that lost the fight. Is this really all you have to offer , Are you trying to solve (a) some Problem(s).? Just like it was Completely Unexpected Ground-Breaking News.! (something that NIT is not known for) Instead it is nothing more than the same old same old. I pointed out on one of my sites that these long-time Protesters and Activists have become Punch-drunk and will strike out at anything. All old campaigners and not averse to a bit of misrepresentation by omission.! And I have drank and even slept in the dry bed of the mighty Todd River.!

The main reason for the law is that this new act will have the ability to react on the world wide web.

It will also be able to react to a wide range of backdoor and thorny copyright problems that exist.

In this article, we will have a more thorough look at the Stop Online Piracy Act.

The article will assist in deciding if this new law may end up harming the Howl Online Network that the United States use or not.All of these citizens and businesses will be fully protected from all sorts of unsuitable websites that come from other countries throughout the world.Those who are completely against this new law, make the assumption that it is simply a wholesale total censorship.We all know that internet piracy continues to be an increasing problem.Not only in the United States but in many different countries in the world.In the mean time, there is no reason why the SOPA should be used.Particularly for the current situation of its field. (nor was the board) Murri Mura was one of the properties that was purchased through the Aboriginal Development Corporation (ADC) A cheaper property was bought with the proceeds. If so, Why do they Insist on Misleading and Keeping us All in Ignorance about this Issue.!? Im sure that if we as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people walk together, we can show the world that we are the fair dinkum, true blue Aussies. It has been Stated Many Times, by the The Descendants of the Original European Inhabitants, that We, the Descendants of the Original Indigenous Inhabitants, were Fortunate and Must Appreciate, that their Ancestors landed here and done the Colonising.! I that Aboriginal People aspire to the same as Anglo and Other Australians is flawed. And if you just Happen to Have your Own Radio Station.! Fair enough I thought, but they could get a cheap mobile.! Plenty of Free and Nourishing Food from Harolds Van or Roseys Van in Munro Martin Park. Working Hard all day just to feed themselves and Their Families. The Beautiful Houses on stilts that they had Obviously Built Themselves. And Further Encouraging them to continue in their drunken irresponsibility. As many of these people are parents and even grand-parents. * Legitimate criticism by active, and prominent members of the the Aboriginal Community of Inner City Brisbane, that I could name. Snatches of the speech could possibly be heard at the back, by anyone that was listening. Parts of Redfern including the Block and Redfern Park is/was a place of Drinkers. I used to stay there when I used to visit from the North Coast of NSW two or three times a year. Unfortunately, Lila and Mary, like so many long-time full-time activists, would not have been out of their comfort zone for Many years. There doesn't appear to be anything happening in response to the concerns I raise here and on other sites and forums. Now, I've been aware all the time that to Massively increase the readership of this site, all that needs to happen, is for this site/content to end up in Court ! ) old .357 magnum Smith & Wesson and making this Country a safer place! (alb)Watching NITV the whole Indigenous Media Industry is centred around Victim-Hood. Now seems to be jumping on the Homelessness debate/bandwagon. What about the millions of refugees including kids, living in them camps in plastic tents.? I know, the AVI, including Over the years when I hitch-hiked around this Country, and not well equipped, I slept in hollow logs and storm-water pipes. It was let off on a couple of occasions by BCC but they owed to much and in the end, they sold it.! The people that were running the place were simply, not qualified to do so. The Suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act Is it because it is Advantageous to Aboriginal People.? Mainly Aboriginal People (AVI) that manage to attain both Financial Advantage and Moral Superiority whilst simultaneously Disowning any Responsibility for their Behaviour and its Outcome. We need to put aside all our differences and greediness and work together to better ourselves as the two important races of this Country. Its like we have to put up with racism, ignorance and put-downs from our white brothers and sisters and the division from our own Indigenous race. (2010 alb)One that sought to Produce and to Progress. And Without Interruption would have been much the same today. With the European seen as a Saviour and Beef a Godsend.! Big-Meeting amongst Indigenous Radio today (9/3/2006) apparently, according to Lets Talk. , Democrats Senator (how's that for name dropping) Sometimes the Only Caller All Week.! One day I rang to talk to a guest and was told that I couldn't because there were only two phones in the studio both being used. The Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) will Become Irrelevant. Cashed-up tourists looking to party with the Local Natives and their Ganga.! How they Made a Living out of other poor People's Rubbish. I have always observed The woodcarvers of New Guinea and how they lived on the Sepik River. A couple of nights back it was the Dharavi slums of Mumbai. Twenty-one people living in a house twelve-foot square. Yet the many times that the police and others have tried to stop this behaviour there is always some misguided and out of touch individuals (AVI) there in support of them (the drunks) and this continuing saga. no doubt Les Malezer also knows he can relate the past with little fear of Contradiction. And most of the reaction was from the Whitefulla audience. They/we weren't going to waste good drinking time listening to politicians.! But Seriously, I heard one very Misleading Statement from one of the Main Blackfullas.! Two well known and prominent members of the Aboriginal and broader community of South Brisbane. It seems that I am just going over and repeating myself. Abbott is about to increase the resources sales to the Chinese Government. If I was physically able, I would have no hesitation in digging up the trusty (rusty? Not once have I ever head them say, these people are Homeless.! What's the difference with us Blackfullas in a traditional lean-to.? It would seem that us Australian Aboriginals, are the Only Homeless Indigenous People in the whole World.! This so-called Homelessness in this Country is a Rort and a chosen (good) lifestyle. They say this censorship will come with a very small piece of regulation.This means that this new law will have the ability to regulate the behavior of user’s from other countries in different parts of the world.


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