No sign in personals or registration sex

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In the meantime, the one guy still in charge of personal ads at your local print paper is doing backflips.

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The tech industry was initially united against this legislative effort, but the Internet Association, a trade group representing major tech firms, reversed its position under pressure from Facebook, which was facing additional regulatory pressure from the Russia investigation, WIRED reported in December.

Legislators amended that clause after a judge in California dismissed criminal charges against over online ads featuring underage girls because, the judge said, the website and its CEO were shielded by Section 230.

Liara Roux, a sex worker, political organizer, and adult-media producer and director, says a handful of other sites shut advertising forums, including The Erotic Review and City Vibe, hours after FOSTA passed.

It doesn’t use advanced AI or whatever to root out bad posts.

Because of that, the site announced last night that it was taking down the Personals section entirely.


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