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(All of this does mean that you’ll have to re-scan your face if you move to a new phone, since the information won’t be carried over with your i Cloud backup. Apple has kept the data from being given over to developers.They can request some information that’s gathered from the sensors in the True Depth camera on the front of the phone.Just as Apple has scanned your fingerprints to let you into your phone up until now, it’ll now scan your face.

Onthoud echter dat de HTML-5 versie van de website aanzienlijk minder functionaliteiten heeft (videokwaliteit is niet optimaal mogelijk een vertraagde streaming).When you try and unlock your phone, it spots your face, pulls together the various sensors and cameras, and uses it all to judge whether you're the right person.If it does, it'll tell the phone to unlock and you're on your way.You can instead just turn passcode lock on, which will make the process of unlocking a lot slower but allay any fears about having your face scanned.But perhaps the easiest thing, if all this puts you off, is just to buy the i Phone 8 instead.Om alle aspecten van de site optimaal te gebruiken dien je het mogelijk te maken om de inhoud van je browser in Flash te bekijken.Druk alsjeblieft op de "rocker" om Flash voor je browser mogelijk te maken.None of which is to say that Apple would never violate the privacy of its users, or that we shouldn’t be careful about what we let the company see or collect. Apple doesn’t even back up that information to i Cloud, as it does with many other parts of the phone so that you can retrieve them if yours stops working.That’s because it’s aware the information is sensitive and private, and keeping it on the phone means that there’s no chance it’s intercepted on its way up to the cloud.Je kunt Flash ook ontgrendelen door op het "puzzel" icoon in de rechter bovenhoek van je browser te klikken.Je gebruikt momenteel de flash-functie voor de chat: die is volledig geoptimaliseerd en toont alles.


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