Nigerian 419 scams nigerian dating scams

A percentage of the proceeds is often offered to the charitable organization for their assistance.The scammer needs monies for fees in order to get the monies freed up.

Extortion 419 Scam: The scammer says that if the target does not send him money the scammer will hurt or kill the target and/or his family.

Inheritance 419 Scam: The scammer informs the target that someone has died with no relatives to claim the large cash bequest left by the deceased.

Real Estate 419 Scam: The scammer wants to buy real estate, but cannot free up his monies just now to do it, so he asks the target to advance him/her all or some of the funds for the purchase in return for partial ownership of the real estate or a large future fee to be paid to the target.

Recovery 419 Scam: The scammer claims he/she can recover monies lost by the target in a previous 419 operation, but fees must be paid in advance to accomplish this.

The scammer then asks the target to send him the overage.

Black Currency 419 Scam: The scammer has a large amount of currency available to share with the target, but the currency has been defaced.Reload 419 Scam: The scammer approaches a target who has already been 419ed and offers the target another type of 419 deal to enable the target to "replace" his/her lost monies or the scammer claims has can bring the previous deal to fruition, if necessary fees are paid by the target.Reshipper 419 Scam: The scammer will attempt to obtain stolen merchandise for personal use or to sell.Cashier's Cheque 419 Scam: The scammer has Cashier's Cheques or money orders he/she needs cashed, and the target can keep a percentage of the cheque for cashing it and forwarding the proceeds net his commission to the scammer.Then the original cheque or money order sent to the target eventually bounces, and the target is out the money advanced to the scammer.However, the currency can be cleaned if the target will purchase enough of the correct cleaning solution (this type of 419 is also called "wash wash").Black Currency 419 "tales" and techniques are commonly used in many other types of 419 operations.Do not assume that if it is not on this list that the email sent to you is legitimate. ATM Card 419 Scam: The ATM Card Payment Scam is used in conjunction with other scams, such as a fake Lottery Scam, Unpaid Contractor Scam or similar exploits.For additional information on how to identify these scams, please see the Top 10 Warning Signs page. The victim is promised an ATM card with which the victim can withdraw millions dollars (up to a large limit per day) at any location that accepts ATM cards.Email fraud is the intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual through email.Almost as soon as email became widely used, it began to be used as a means to defraud people.


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