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Soon the main HGs are settled in and doing their meet and greet which gives us lots of insight through side discussions in the DR.Daniele tells us that she’s actually only 20, but turning 21 in a few months. Julie takes up upstairs to where Evel, Jessica, and Dustin have been spending their day so far while wondering why they’re alone.

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This epic love story was cut short when Eric was voted out during the third week, making all of America cry.

Later on in the season, however, Lisa won a reward allowing her to internet chat with people on the outside.

Amanda was voted out during the first week that season so, while things didn’t have time to develop, at least they had fun in the process. EXCLUSIVE: Would Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas Do We bow down to Alison from Season 4 because she totally utilized her showmance with Nathan to propel her further in the game.

Bonus points to these two because Amanda’s ex-fiancé and David’s high school sweetheart were both in the house that season. Homegirl was the runner-up that season and she got there thanks to flirting, kissing, and teasing Nathan.

Our hearts melted when Eric showed up to surprise her and promised they’d go on a date in San Francisco.

They may not have lasted long after the show, but you can’t deny that these two were memorable.Jen doesn’t find any of the guys good looking while Carol thinks Jen is shallow and superficial. Julie explains they’ll be spending the summer with a personal foe and lets them watch in on the HGs below who have no idea anyone else is in the house.We get the most discussion from Evel Dick about his daughter Daniele and how she won’t communicate with him, but he’s not worried about facing her.Those 11 Houseguests and 3 additional cast members included Amber Siyavus, Carol Journey, Daniele Donato, “Evel” Dick Donato, Dustin Erikstrup, Eric Stein, Jameka Cameron, Jen Johnson, Jessica Hughbanks, Joe Barber, Kail Harbrick, Mike Dutz, Nick Starcevic, and Zach Swerdzewski.Out of that list the “hidden” HGs were Evel Dick, Dustin, and Jessica.EXCLUSIVE: Would Daniele first found love with Nick Starcevic on Season 8 but, after that didn’t stick, she was lucky enough to find Dominic when she returned to compete on Season 13.These two remained adorable for their entire time on the show and even survived the real world.As we learned by the end of the season, working together instead of against each other turned out to be the right move.That wasn’t the only twist, but more on that later.Evel was paired with his estranged daughter, Daniele.Dustin with his former boyfriend Joe, and Jessica was a former bff turned rival with Carol.


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