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After losing control of the leadership of the ALN, Montealegre agreed to run for mayor of Managua in the November 2008 municipal elections as candidate of the alliance led by his former party, the PLC still ruled by Arnoldo Aleman.Montealegre lost the election to Alexis Argüello, but alleged that the election was rife with fraud.Montealegre dismisses the charges, stating that he was no longer employed by the government when the bonds were emitted.

Subsequently, he served as minister to the presidency of Enrique Bolaños.

He announced his split from the PLC in protest of the control of the party by former President Alemán, who was imprisoned for misappropriation of funds.

Montealegre objects to an alliance, referred to in the popular media as "El Pacto", between Arnoldo Alemán and Daniel Ortega, who ran as the candidate of the FSLN in 2006 for the fourth consecutive time since his 1985-1990 presidency, this time successfully.

Because of Montealegre's stand against corruption, Arnoldo Alemán, and Daniel Ortega's Sandinista National Liberation Front, the U. ambassador in Managua openly endorsed his candidacy.

In 2006, a commission of Nicaragua's National Assembly threatened to criminally charge Montealegre, as well as a former head of the central bank and the former superintendent of banks.

They allege that they abused their positions to enrich themselves by illegally issuing US0 million in bonds in favor of banks that acquired several failed banks.

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