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Under Sally’s leadership, visits to Britain increased 6.2% in 2017, with spending up 11.6%; representing new records and the fastest rate of visits growth since 2006 and the fastest rate of spending growth since 2013.The forecast for 2018 is for visits to increase 4.4% with a spending increase of 6.8%.And here they are: Sally has a long history in the travel and hospitality field, with significant online and multi-channel experience.

The hospitality and travel industry requires creative thinkers, innovators and team players.They will also share experiences about how their leadership style developed over the years.The HSMAI Region Europe Awards 2017 will recognize the people deserving to be awarded for their great work in Hospitality, travel, and tourism this year.The HSMAI Region Europe Top 20 honors these top achievers in leadership, sales, marketing, and revenue optimization of hospitality, travel and tourism organisations for their accomplishments.HSMAI Region Europe recognizes leaders that are high achievers who stand out through their creativity and innovation, cutting-edge programs, triumph in challenging situations that result in dramatic gains.His opinions and ideas are constantly sought be hoteliers looking to create a competitive advantage in their market place.He has the unique ability to analyse the prevailing characteristics of the market and identify opportunities for these hotels by distilling complex theoretical revenue management concepts in to ‘common’ language that both revenue management practitioners and software developers can digest, understand and apply.The entertainment was provided by Need Music and the highly popular Norwegian singer/songwriter Alejandro Fuentes, clearly contributing to the high spirits throughout the night.The list will “live” the whole year through, and you will meet several of the Top 20 winners at The HSMAI Day, taking place in the city they are based in during the fall – or in London in September, at The HSMAI Day there.The European HSMAI Awards took place in Amsterdam last Tuesday evening, marked by a great atmosphere, dancing guests, excellent entertainment, food, beverages and, but not least, top notch winners – and now the Top 20 the list is also official!We have new criteria this year, recognizing the entire specter of commercial leaders from the whole industry, which will go hand in hand with our new initiatives – Winning for Customers – The Service Pledge and The HSMAI Day.


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