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Melissa Williams is running for the NDP which has historically come a poor third in Newmarket-Aurora. Bob Yaciuk, the leader of the fledgling Trillium Party, hopes to make an impact with his jolly vaudeville style but has zero chance of success.Dorian Baxter, the legendary cleric/politician is running as an Independent this time.Chris Ballard, the MPP since 2014, has a fight on his hands to retain the seat given the reported surge in support for Doug Ford who, in the space of two months, has rebranded the PCs in the image of Ford Nation. Ford is always ready to label his opponents as being in some way phoney when compared with him, the genuine article.

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The National Post told us on 13 March 2018 that Brown: Now we have the jaw-dropping revelations from yesterday’s Globe and Mail which chronicles the disgraceful actions of the convicted fraudster Snover Dhillon who, by all accounts, hired himself out to people seeking PC nominations.

Now both the Liberals and the NDP are calling for a police investigation into PC nominations.


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