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Bernard Parish, Jefferson Parish, Plaquemines Parish, St. Parisian French was the predominant language among colonists in early New Orleans.

The different varieties of Louisiana’s Creoles shaped the state's culture, particularly in the southern areas around New Orleans and the plantation districts. While the sophisticated Creole society of New Orleans which centered mainly on white Creoles such as the French creoles has historically received much attention, the Cane River area in northwest Louisiana, populated chiefly by Creoles of color, also developed its own strong Creole culture.

Other enclaves of Creoles culture have been located in south Louisiana: Frilot Cove, Bois Mallet, Grand Marais, Palmetto, Lawtell, Soileau and others.

However, there was a sizable German creole group of full German descent, centering on the parishes of St. French Creoles made up the majority of white Creoles in Louisiana. Throughout the 19th century, most Creoles spoke French and were strongly connected to French colonial culture.

The sizeable Spanish Creole communities of Saint Bernard Parish and Galveztown spoke Spanish.


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