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In some cases, ethnic minority groups including the Kachin have financed their struggle through the drug trade.Amid the off-and-on fighting, neither side has clamped down on poppy-growing, a key source of income for many farmers who are not happy about Pat Jasan's crusade. On Thursday, 14 marchers were injured in an attack by unidentified assailants using automatic weapons and hand grenades while they were destroying poppy fields in Wai Maw township.

On their marches, Pat Jasan activists try to convince poppy farmers to destroy their crops, with some encounters turning violent.

One of the Pat Jasan leaders, Tang Gun, said they didn't bring rice, but could send them food later if the farmers insisted.

The campaign is funded by the Kachin Baptist Convention and donations from local residents. 22, 2016, photo, a leader of Pat Jasan, a grassroots organization motivated by their faith to root out the destructive influence of drugs, plans their opium eradication march in Wai Maw, northern Kachin State, Myanmar.

Many Kachin, one of the largest ethnic minorities in Myanmar, are Christian and motivated by their faith to root out drugs.

One group of 1,300 marchers has been hiking through the hills for more than a week.


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