My photostream is not updating

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(after the spinning icon goes away) open i Photo on my Mac, the photo appears in my photo stream.

(Further evidence: When I open Photos on my i Device, I see the spinning icon on my i Device - IFF I've just taken a photo.

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If you still have problems about how to solve i Cloud photos not syncing problems on i OS, Windows or Mac OS X, feel free to Email us How to Sync i Phone, i Pad, i Pod Touch with/to i Tunes IHere, we would like to share a complete i Tunes sync guide leading you to sync i OS devices with/to i Tunes.

The Settings page says that Photos will automatically by sent to Photo Stream when I am connected to Wi-Fi, however I've waited several minutes and don't see them in i Photo. Is there any way to force them to be synced to i Cloud from the i Phone? I had taken 40 or so photos on i Phone 4, i OS 5.1, and when I got back to Wi Fi connection, I waited more than an hour for the photos to appear in Photo Stream either on the i Phone or my i Pad, and they didn't.

None of the following worked: Eventually, after an hour or so, in desparation I forced the i Phone to power-down, and turned it back on.

This guide will show methods on how to fix i Cloud not syncing photos.

Q: I've upgraded both i Photo and OS on my devices to the latest versions.

Open dialog box in recent versions of Mac OS) *Note: Photo Stream only syncs the last 30 days of your photos.

I found this post after having the same issue - needing to grab an image from Photo Stream that wasn't coming up.


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