My neighbours are intimidating

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Her suicide prompted the coroner at her inquest to demand fundamental changes to the way authorities in Nottinghamshire deal with “neighbours from hell”.The coroner passed the letter – addressed to the head of legal services and monitoring at Broxtowe Borough Council – to this newspaper last week to highlight the systemic failures that contributed to Miss Dow’s death.But it was too late; her abuser had accepted a police caution at the time of the original complaint and – in accordance with the rules then in place – all relevant evidence had been destroyed and the case closed.

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“She used to ring me in tears because she was too frightened to get to sleep,” said Mrs Dow, “No one should have to live in that situation.

They let her down.” Miss Dow had a promising career in front of her.

I am frequently unable to sleep, and it often prevents me from doing my job (I often work from home).

I cannot enjoy the outside space due to noise, foul language, verbal abuse and talk of drugs.

Daryl Robinson, described as a “hulking and intimidating figure”, had been arrested once for harassing Miss Dow but never charged; his sister was jailed for four and a half years in 2006 for smuggling heroin into Jersey and shortly after her release was sent to prison again for shoplifting in 2010.

Peach was jailed for 28 days for threatening Miss Dow in 2011 and in April last year spent three weeks in custody for assaulting a man in the street and damaging a police cell. Her house was broken into while she was in; her bicycle was stolen from her shed and the frame, stripped of components, found discarded in the Robinsons’ garden; hypodermic needles were thrown into her garden; drug deals were conducted in the alley she shared with her neighbours; she had witnessed “the aftermath” of the stabbing of Daryl Robinson after a blazing row with his sister; and bruises on Gaynor Robinson following fights with her brother.There were other factors of course: a long-term relationship had ended, and she was still coping with the effects of having been abused as a child.But her letter makes clear just how difficult her life had been made by her neighbours.Peach was arrested, charged and sentenced to 28 days in a young offenders institution for threatening behaviour. As a child, she had been sexually abused, which had, according to those in whom she had confided, always tormented her.When she was 13, her parents made a complaint to police in Suffolk that she had been abused by an adult.Visits to the Robinson’s property by the housing officer had just been “idle, empty threats”, concluded Mairin Casey, the coroner. In one email exchange between PC Sam Astle and Miss Marshall, the police officer wrote of Miss Dow – after hearing she had written another letter of complaint – “you just can’t win with some people can you?”, a comment described by Miss Casey as “outrageous” and “appalling”.But an officer had advised the family not to proceed to court because it would be too much for the young girl to deal with.Six months before she died, Miss Dow went back to Suffolk police and asked them to re­­open the case.I several times called for the police to intervene.” In the summer of 2010, she had witnessed Daryl Robinson being hit over the head with a brick by Peach, his nephew.Miss Dow gave a statement to the police, prompting Gaynor Robinson to intimidate her into withdrawing the statement.


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