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Now then, lets go over the rules, which are really quite easy to remember.

You will dress as a girl at all times, regardless of the situation, wearing the proper attire for the situation.

I hated it, but I walked out to the car and got in, then as we were driving along… "If you try to do your best, I promise you that we will overlook minor infractions, and I’ll bet that after a little bit you’ll find that being a girl isn’t that bad. I never did see Beth, naked or not, since I was virtually dragged to the coaches office where she called my mom.

I knew full well that I was going really get it, but I never figured that I would be wearing dresses.

Teens always want to try something new, to make sexual experiment and try a threesome, not forgetting to record it on the camera for a private homemade porn collection.

rules for dating women with children - My boyfriends on dating sites

Oh, and how many amateur blowjob scenes leaked to the Internet from unsafe cloud storage or from hacked smartphone!I was told to strip, and looking at my dad I knew I didn’t have a choice, so I undressed to my shorts. " "Put them on or I’ll help you." It went downhill rapidly after that as a padded bra was strapped around my chest, pantyhose slipped on my legs, then the dress was drawn over my head and buttoned up."Those too" mom said, "then I want you to put these on." "Do I have to? Pink and frilly with white lace, it was short, about two inches above my knees and fit tightly around my mid section yet was held out at least a foot by the layers of petticoats under it.If at any time we find out that you are not dressed properly, you sass either of us or any other adult, fail to use proper manners or act up in any way we deem unacceptable, your time in dresses will be extended five days for each offense.If my reckoning is correct, one mistake and you’ll be attending school in dresses, so be very careful what you say or do." "From now on" mom said, "in order to give you some small bit of protection, we are going to call you Rebecca, and also start a photo album so we can keep track of your progress." "Are there any questions?Your mother will see to it that you have everything you need, and you will wear whatever she tells you.As we see it, your best bet is to look, sound and act as much like a girl as you can, or risk having someone decide that you are really a boy in a dress." Dad sounded as if he didn’t care even if I did have any questions. "It requires a verbal answer Rebecca." "No…sir." "Fine.Then your punishment starts right now, and will run through the summer vacation, unless your time is extended of course, but that’s up to you, isn’t it? " "If girls are supposed to turn out "that way" as you put it, then you will too! When he finds out I’ll lose my very best friend in the whole world! " "Yeah, but…" "I know that you’re concerned, but it really doesn’t matter what he thinks honey, this is your punishment, so just accept it and make the best of it." Mom stopped talking and I sat there sullen and angry.Then, in a sort of off hand way, mom casually mentioned that there would be times when my upper chest would be on display, and "since girls my age have breasts, you should too", and she was going to make sure that I did have them.She took me into a shop where I was humiliated once again when I had to stand there as mom unbuttoned my dress and had me take it off.


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