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Like those appointed by the governor before and after him, Earley was in charge of every aspect of city operations when he served as emergency manager from September 2013 until January 2015.During his tenure, Earley oversaw the decision to change the city's water source to the Flint River in what was designed to be a short-term, cost-saving move in April 2014.

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The president’s tweet was a reference to media reports that a secret FBI source met with Trump campaign officials several times during the 2016 campaign as part of investigation into Russian interference.

C., law firm -- one of three to provide legal advice related to the Flint water crisis to former emergency manager Darnell Earley -- has billed the city more than $361,000 for its work to date.

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The PTACs frequently host training sessions to assist local companies in learning more about specific government procurement topics.Hourly attorney fees in the invoices ranged from 5 to 5 an hour.PTAC staff are trained contracting specialists that will help you obtain the most current and relevant information available, provide insight into the research process and coach you through the government contracting process, from start to finish.Bid Match provides a wide variety of government bid opportunities including those from the Fed Biz Opps database, DLA’s bulletin boards, various EDI systems, state and local agencies, and foreign entities.To ensure that you see only those bids you are interested in, we help you develop search profiles that contain keywords, Product Service Codes (PSC/FSCs), and National Stock Numbers (NSNs).Invoices requested from the city by The Journal show that Reed Smith billed it more than ,000 in 2016, shortly after Earley testified before a congressional committee with an attorney from the firm at his side.The former emergency manager told Congress that he believed city workers, who assured him they could make Flint River water safe to drink before distributing it to homes and businesses for 17 months.Instead, the switch triggered the city's water crisis, leading to elevated levels of lead, bacteria and total trihalomethanes in water and raising questions about a tie to Legionnaires' disease outbreaks in Genesee County.Prosecutors claim Earley acted despite knowledge that the city's water treatment plant, which had not been regularly used for decades, was not equipped to handle the job.Locating government bid opportunities can be very time consuming.Electronic bid matching scans a variety of government agencies to provide a report specific to your company’s product or service.


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