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Your first date forensics tells us a lot about you.

Like if you’re aiming high or keeping your ear to the ground.

Dinner, if you’re wondering if the truth is out there and want to ask them what exactly the status of this damn relationship is (keep the question for just before dessert).

Dating Advice: I only went out with one guy and married him (no X Files – okay I’ll stop with the rubbish references) so I’ll say this: I don’t know what you crazy kids call dates anymore. Are you looking for a date for the Bandra Fair or for a lifetime of ferris-wheel rides, up and down in the same place, hinges and bolts falling off?

Best first date recommendation: When in doubt, let the place do most of the talking. (Which I didn’t take home, so I could avoid the conversation with a suddenly dad! If the date is not from Tinder but from the ‘real world’ and I know them, then my most favourite thing to do is take them for a midnight drive in my Thar and listen to obscenely loud music.

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Literally, like a movie, or evocatively, like someplace remarkable that impels you into conversation, like a museum or a gallery or, as we did, a bookstore where a girl who knew the shelves showed the new boy in town the way around. Mainly because I don’t like to talk too much while driving.

I think what I loved most was being able to be together, but yet not feeling obliged to engage with each other. I think in fact, the best way to gauge compatibility is when there’s precious little to do. In Mumbai Since: 1988Profession: Waitress and occasional life-saver at 40,000ft Tell us about your first ever date: I've never been asked out on a date when I was a teenager.

We stepped out for a drink later that probably fits the bill of the more conventional sort of date. Every boyfriend was first a friend and then it just seemed too late to do the whole “date” thing.

It was really sweet to think about it, we had a few beers, chatted and giggled a lot. It's quiet enough to have an actual conversation, they do great wine cocktails. Long story short, all my friends were going on a college trip to Manali and my mother had refused to give me permission. So this guy offered to take me to VT (now CST) early in the morning to catch my friends as they left by train. We’d chatted for years but never been out together before. It was my first lesson in how therapeutic a long motorcycle ride, early in the morning can be. It took us a few years to get there but we got married and lived happily ever after. The internet makes it okay for us talk to strangers, but maybe a movie or comedy show as a conversation crutch if it’s the first time you’re meeting someone.

and the lighting is In Bombay since: 1987Profession: Writer. Tell us about your first ever date: We’d Mulder and Scully-d it for a while, which I suppose happens when you acquire a crush on a very close friend. My eyes watered as we sped into town, thin smog still sitting over the city. We were too late to catch the train but instead we rode around the wide empty streets of South Bombay, then went to breakfast at Café Ideal. Five star coffee shops are great for prolonged people watching and figuring out if you’ve got a long future of playing Guess That Person’s Story together.


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