Ms frontpage help in updating web sites

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Hostitwise have all these features installed and enabled so you can run all Front Page features used in your site.

Using a Web page editor like Front Page is convenient and saves your time.

From what I've seen, if you would want to be a professional web designer, this is the tool to use.

I've never used it myself, but have taken over management of a few web sites that were created using it.

An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed. in 2003 as a place for answers to common computer and technical questions. While not cheap, I'd definitely go for Dream Weaver if you can't edit your own code.

It's slightly complicated, but produces the best results and, for WYSIWYG editors, is astoundingly feature-full.Front Page Hosting thru HOSTITWISE WILL INSTALL Front Page extensions for you.So all , the applications you have created with Front Page will work.Front Page advances your Web development in three key BOTS Front Page also provides a set of Web robots, commonly referred to as Web bots, which are specialized CGI scripts that provide implementation for counters, forms, discussion groups, full text searches, form handlers and link bars (to name a few things) without having to do any server-side programming.All these features are available from the drop-down menus or icons to insert the application on your Web page and Front Page takes care of the rest.Once your Front Page-built Web site is complete, Hostitwise hosting planes are ready for you to host it.This way your site will be capable of running features and applications that are unique to Front Page-built sites. Enabling Front Page simply means that Front Page extensions is installed on your Web servers - it is the basis of Front Page hosting.Front Page is in the former category, a WYSIWYG editor.Front Page has a long and somewhat negative history, primarily because the HTML that it generates, particularly in early versions, was pretty bad.There are other commercial alternatives as well, should you want to spend a little time researching 'em. (Speaking of boycott: when it comes to HTML authoring, even though you can save in HTML format, Microsoft Word is simply not a viable option. Worse, in many ways, than the original versions of Front Page. Call me a control freak, or anal-retentive, but I try to keep things as small, clean and organized as I can within reason.So I skip the whole Front Page / Dream Weaver class of applications entirely.


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