Motorola 6412 iii firmware udating

Analog channels each occupy their own carrier channel, several digital channels can occupy a single carrier channel.

NOTE: Use Page- and Page to scroll pages NOTE: Press Exit to exit this page This is another means of changing 6412 settings for DVI/HDMI and Component outputs and some other settings.

It's better/easier to use Advanced Settings Page instead (see above).

Represents amount of work the box is doing to keep the signal tuned to the "sweet spot".

CORRECTABLE ERRORS - Number of error corrections in the last 5 second sample.

WORKAROUND FIX This workaround seems to resolve the problem for me: DESCRIPTION 1 or both tuners have no audio/video when tuning to them on certain channel(s).

In this mode recordings appear to proceed normally and are listed in full length in the Saved Shows list, however when attempting to playback such recordings nothing happens.

These errors don't cause any visual distortion of the digital channel but could indicate a signal level problem.

NON-CORRECTABLE ERRORS - Number of hard uncorrectable errors in the last 5 second sample.

See DCT6412 Firewire capture and HD to DVD guide for full details of how to extract shows to Windows XP as well as a guide on how to downconvert extracted HD recordings to widescreen DVD-compatible mpeg.

Easiest way to reboot is to hold down the Power button on the front panel for 5 seconds.


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