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Rather than building walls around topics or issues, it builds bridges.Maybe that is a bit corny but I'm sure you get the point. What happens if it's the therapist who says "I have to take this"?Instead, his reply was "everything is always up for discussion". You're free to receive and texts during your session, but expect a conversation about it !

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""I'm not sure," I say, "you tell me."----------To be clear, I'm not talking about texting therapy, as this article and many others promote as part of the gold rush of non-face-to-face psychotherapy. They yank a person out of their feelings and into their head.

I'm also not talking about the phone as photo album, calendar, journal or record of past texts, which can serve a clear purpose in session. I appreciate the convenience, but immediate access has it's down side, particularly in a therapy session. I think we can all agree on that even the coolest ringtone is annoying unless we're the one receiving the message.

They want to maintain the sanctity of the space, keep the focus and hold the frame, so they ban the cell. If a client wants to read the phone, check facebook, return a text, even answer or place a call, that's fine by me.

I believe in Yalom's idea of "therapy as a social microcosm" (2002, p.

(My buzzing phone sits across the room, I check it between sessions.)Some therapists have a strict no phone/text policy during sessions (kind of like movie theaters).

I can understand their wish to keep the hour free from outside distraction.

If a client regularly has her phone and feels the urgency to send and receive texts immediately, let's experience it together in session. We'll discuss what the communication was, why it's taking place now, how it feels to do this during therapy and what impact it has on our connection.

That's what we do in therapy, talk about the here-and-now, and if the here-and-now includes interruption from a buddy's "whazzup?

I'm talking about clients sending and receiving texts or phone calls during their 50 minute appointment. In therapy, however, my job is to observe words, behaviors and even interruptions and comment based on my training.

As phones have become our electronic appendage, this happens all the time. If this means listening to a cell phone beep, a trumpet blast, or even country music, so be it.


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