Mikey maybe dating someone you actually like

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Not wanting to face whatever this was right now, he just pushed the thoughts to the side until it was necessary to really consider them again.

"Seriously, Mikey, you seem really out of it today; are you okay?

-At lunch, Pete sat next to Mikey (though maybe 'on' would be a more accurate word) and stole his food. But really, he was kind of adorable, especially right now, as he looked up at Mikey with bright eyes and rambled on excitedly about some song he was writing-"Mikey, Mikey, are you even listening to me? Worse yet, he had no idea if Pete just was doing this because of the rumour or if, possibly, Pete actually liked him.

Some part of Mikey knew he should be annoyed at him, but he wasn't. He wasn't sure which option would be more terrifying, honestly.

Apparently the rumour had started on Tuesday, but Mikey didn't find out about it until Friday. School was done for the week, though, and he didn't really know enough people to have much of a chance finding out that way, so he figured the next best thing to do was to see if Pete had heard about it. ""Hi, Pete." "Oh, did you hear that rumour about us?

And when he did, he could barely believe that anyone else would genuinely think that it was true. After all, it was as much about him as it was about Mikey. I keep forgetting to tell you about it.""What, how long have you known about that?

Well, really, what frustrated him was what he felt when Pete kissed him, and how he was unable to fathom exactly what those feelings were. Pete just giggled and pecked him on the lips, and frick, his giggle was really cute, and now Mikey was blushing even harder in front of all these people.

All he could think was that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't so straight after all. On top of the fact that, well, Pete just kissed him in public- which was embarrassing enough in itself- Mikey was seriously starting to question whether he was really just putting up with this because Pete had said it'd be a good idea or if he actually genuinely liked Pete.

For whatever reason, to him, having Pete sitting practically on his lap and trying to eat his pizza just seemed oddly cute. Was it worse to actually like Pete and have him think it was only for the plan, or to like him and have the feeling be mutual- meaning that he'd have to actually acknowledge said feelings?

But maybe he didn't actually like Pete that way at all, and he was just getting carried away in guessing.


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