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I'm also a big fan of interesting date displays and leaf shaped hands, both of which are present here.

5/6 #Dear Mark: Countries such as Germany require Facebook to remove hate speech within 24 hours or face significant fines. #Dear Mark #Fix Facebook 1/6 We read Burmese and can tell you it's NOT pretty! We wrote to Mark and would love Congress to help raise this too #Dear Mark #Ask Mark bit.ly/Open Letter_MZ @facebook just changed their language requirements for #Myanmar content reviewers - Burmese went from desired to essential. This is something that has been oft-repeated by @myanmarido, @Phandeeyar & their partners. For FB to take serious, concrete & strategic steps to respond to #hatespeech & harassment on their platform. Please take a moment to read this open letter from Myanmar NGOs to Facebook - drive.google.com/file/d/1Rs02G9…

Will you commit to removing all incitements to violence in Myanmar within 24 hours? ” #Facebook must take concrete action to protect its users in #Myanmar and elsewhere in the world from dangerous hatred. That’s a win for @myanmarido, @Phandeeyar and the other orgs who wrote to Zuck. - it's a remarkable insight into the ways FB is acting irresponsibly in countries where it has great influence but few/no staff.

#Myanmar #Vietnam #Sri Lanka #Philippines #South Sudan #Rwanda #Zimbabwe #Dear Mark #Fix Facebook pic.twitter.com/8x9Hbtojzs #Dear Mark: There is extensive misuse of your platform by bad actors, yet even serial offenders very rarely face closure of their account.

How do you decide who is taken down, and what concrete actions are you going to take to remove users who breach your Community Standards?

The project’s goal was to contribute towards the process of mainstreaming social cohesion in Myanmar society.

Working with local CSOs, local government, and community members, SFCG utilised capacity development to contribute to social cohesion by transforming the way in which these stakeholders perceive and interact with people across various dividing lines, particularly between the three groups with which the project was directly engaging and which have a history of deeply entrenched mistrust towards each other.

Search aimed at strengthening relationships among interethnic and interreligious groups; to build the capacity of local CSOs, media professionals, and cultural actors to integrate cultural content promoting intercultural dialogue and reconciliation; and to increase greater awareness among the overall population about cultural diversity and expression representative of all ethnic and religious groups.

This entry was posted in Evaluations, Resources and tagged Myanmar Evaluations on This is the final evaluation of Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Myanmar’s, 9-month long pilot initiative entitled Community Information Management to Reduce Inter-Communal Violence in Myanmar.

@phyuphyuthi - sometimes, although people know the news is untrue, they still believe in that since they had experienced before that some rumors had lead to actual incidents.

pic.twitter.com/n CXwo U1rt H #Dear Mark made a landmark commitment to a 24hr review timeline on Hate Speech in his response to @Senator Leahy yesterday.


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