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Peter, MN For more information: [email protected](507) 933-7596 https://gustavus.edu/events/romandailylife/.Dates: June 10 - 29 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Claire Clark Visiting Faculty: Caroline Acker; Isaac Campos; David Courtwright; David Herzberg; Lisa Mc Girr; Joseph Spillane; Nancy Tomes; Trysh Travis Location: Lexington, Kentucky For more information: [email protected](859) 257-3513 https://sites.google.com/view/nehinstituteky/home.

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For more information and application instructions, please visit the websites for individual programs. To download a poster listing these summer programs, click below.

School Teachers University Teachers The Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops for School Teachers is on hiatus for summer 2018. Dates: June 25 - July 20 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): Harvey Klehr Visiting Faculty: Robert Gabrick; Maurice Isserman; Lauren Weiner Location: Atlanta, Georgia For more information: [email protected](404) 290-6379

Dates: July 2 - 27 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): Austin Sarat Location: Amherst, MA For more information: [email protected](413) 542-2380 https://

Dates: July 9 - August 3 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): James Akerman; Peter Nekola Visiting Faculty: Gerald A.

Dates: July 9 - 27 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Henry Goldschmidt Visiting Faculty: Eva Abbamonte; Ali Asani; Morris Davis; Hasia Diner; Sasha Elias; Jonathan Gold; Charles Haynes; Elizabeth Mc Alister; Lexi Salomone; Mary Katherine Sheena; Josef Sorett; John Thatamanil; Kathy Wildman Zinger Location: New York, New York For more information: [email protected](212) 870-3514 Dates: July 8 - 28 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Martha V. Bouyer Visiting Faculty: Ruby Shuttlesworth Bester; Catherine Burks-Brooks; Dan Carter; Robert Corley; Glenn Eskew; Fred Gray; Horace Huntley; Myrna Jackson; Hasan Jefferies; Doug Jones; Janice Kelsey; Tondra Loder-Jackson; Carolyn Mc Kinstry; Jeanne Theoharis; Tara White Location: Birmingham, AL For more information: [email protected](205) 558-3999

Dates: June 17 - 30 (2 weeks) Project Director(s): Lissette Lopez Szwydky-Davis; Sean P. Craig Russell; Glenn Jellenik; Kassie Misiewicz Location: Fayetteville, AR For more information: [email protected](479) 575-2667 Dates: June 24 - July 20 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): Peggy O'Brien Visiting Faculty: Stephen Dickey; Caleen Jennings; Stefanie Jochman; Jeffrey Knight; Heathe r Lester; Michael Lo Monico; Catherine Loomis; Ellen Mac Kay; Gail Paster; Ayanna Thompson; Michael Tolaydo; Michae l Witmore; Adam Zucker Location: Washington, DC For more information: [email protected](202) 675-0372

Dates: June 17 - 23 or July 8 - 14 (1 week) Project Director(s): Rolando Herts; Lee Aylward Visiting Faculty: Edgar E. Strait, David Evans, Charles Mc Laurin, Charles Reagan Wilson, Dale Killinger, Lent Rice, Cathy Wong, Reggie Barnes, Keith Beauchamp Location: Cleveland, Mississippi For more information: [email protected](662) 846-4311

Dates: July 8 - 20 (2 weeks) Project Director(s): Dan Pierce, Jamie S. Zohra Saed Location: New York City, NY For more information: [email protected](212) 529-1955 x18

Dates: July 9 - 28 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt Visiting Faculty: Benjamin Bankhurst; Adam Booth; James Broomall; Denise Giardina; Ed Herendeen; Silas House; Rachael Meads Location: Shepherdstown, West Virginia For more information: [email protected](304) 876-3119

Dates: July 8 - 27 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Richard H.


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