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Chat_Moderator: Questions and responses will be posted in the form of a transcript following this chat, please refrain from submitting personal details with your question. Dr_Carson: The cause of PD is not known but appears to be related to penile trauma during coitus. Dr_Carson: There is a trial that will begin in the next several months evaluating the effects of injectable collagenase in resolving plaque and curvature.

Chat_Moderator: Due to limited time, we may not get to all of your questions. The trial is sponsored by Auxillium and we will be part of the trial sites.

Dr_Carson: The earlier treatment is started the better the effect.

While vitamin E is often used, the data don't support a strong effect. Bill1: I have read that PD sometimes goes away after a while. Bert: I am in Portugal, Bert: I'm 59 years old also suffering of this Peyronie's disease. Please help me Dr_Carson: While PD is not curable, there are a variety of treatment options for all stages of PD.

Chat_Moderator: My name is Walter Ryan, I'm with Cook Medical, and I will be moderating our discussion this evening.

Prior to starting, I would like to cover a few guidelines and “house-keeping” items as we proceed through the chat.

Chat_Moderator: Please feel free to be candid with your questions, the intent is to provide an open forum for you the guest.

The information will not be used or shared for any type of marketing purposes.

There are several studies of shock wave treatment that also show no significant improvement. I tried 9 months of topical Verapmil with absolutely NO impact!

Dr_Carson: I am not surprised as the Verapamil does not get into the plaque from the topical application. Is there anything that I should be doing but waiting? There are all kinds of treatments being suggested on the internet- Vitamin E topical with DMSO, enzymes, etc.


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