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Fortunately, they are also the most popular types with real railroads too.

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Like the real railroads, if you ever need a single-headed interlocking signal, make sure to mark it “A” so there is no question it is absolute.

Model railroad signals typically provide protection against (a) running into an occupied block and (b) running through an improperly aligned turnout.

Most stop indications on model railroads must be treated as absolute due to the short distances between interlockings.

They sell plastic heads to make your own signals, complete color-light signal kits with LEDs, and a really nice cantilevered signal bridge in plastic (which is wonderful, since most model railroads don’t have the space to fit normal signals in many interlockings). Compare how much easier it is to drive a GOW blub with this IC over the transistor method.

[2006 Update: Atlas has released beautiful, completely assembled, Type “G” signals with built-in LEDs]. The basic circuit to drive a 2-color LED color light signal uses 1/2 of one 7400N package (that means you can run two signal heads off one package). You also use this same circuit to power the 3-wire version of the bi-color LED for a searchlight signal (the middle wire goes to the 5, and the other two connect to the current-limiting resistors).


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