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They ALL use an "i" instead of an "I" when speaking of themselves, not a Damn one knows where one Sentence ends and another begins.. Apparently at one time they had a chat room, but they discontinued that. The primary Moderator at, dubbing himself "Forum Mod" who seemingly yields all the real power there, (clearly over and above the site owner, who never says a word), is a left-wing extremist and will attack anyone who dares disagree with him or anyone else who regularly kisses his .. He tries to humiliate anyone who doesn't agree with him, in public, but he's not very verbally or intellectually astute, so turning the tables on him is just way too easy to even bother with.

Wanna break your Guts from rolling on the Floor in utter Hilarity?? There's almost 42 pages of new "Women", ( hmmm. And, not a one of them, I REPEAT, not a one of them knows proper English Language Skills.. OVER 15,000 Women on there claim to be "Native American".. If some do arrange to meet privately, then that's the exception rather than the rule.

is a 100% free site which mission is to provide an interactive place where people can meet, communicate, and fall in love for free.

All basics on Matchdoctor - mail, profiles, searching, blogs, forums, video etc., will always remain totally free to their members.

When the forums were introduced, the political and religious sectors were fairly robust and as can be expected, included plenty of disagreements.

Before the advance of social networks, Matchdoctor was one of the first free dating sites about the same time as POF.The members that do upgrade are usually thrilled with their choice, blogging about it and telling other members that being able to post pictures in comments and using the other benefits is definitely worth the few dollars a month.offers a wealth of information and activities for single people.At least not unless you need a good belly-laugh at their expense. Match is a popular online destination for singles and friends to come together to socialize, for romance, or just for fun.You can also pay for a gold membership if you wish, to enhance your online dating experience, such as the 'who's viewed' me feature, unlimited emails, the ability to upload graphics into your posts, and view the site without ads, etc.This upgrade costs significantly less than most dating sites charge for one month of access. I think that would be discrimination but who to you complain about that too? Theoretically it is a date site, but you never hear of anyone actually dating there. Freedom of Speech does not exists there at all and trying to enforce the First Amendment is useless and pointless. Other members try your patients and when called out turn and cry foul to the "MOD" then the "MOD" take the said of the cry baby's and restricts the other user from posting from one day to as much as five days. "Native Americans" are very dark Brown Skinned AMERICAN INDIANS!! Allowing non paying members the benefit of doubt when disagreements happen, which is all the time.


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