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Her relationship with Teri Polo‘s Stef is revolutionary in its normalizing of lesbian mothers and integrated families, as have biological and adopted children among their brood.

Uzo Aduba has now won countless awards for her portrayal of a wacky but lovable inmate at Litchfield.

But with writers, producers and showrunners looking to bring realistic and complex people to light comes better representation, and in honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating 17 black characters who have furthered the conversation about what lesbian and bi women look like.

The out lesbian detective (played by Sonja Sohn) was a major role on the HBO series.

Her black sister and father factored prominently into her storyline, and racial issues were also part of her conceiving of a baby with on-again, off-again partner Tina.

Rose Rollins brought the story of being closeted in the military to , and the story of Tasha’s life post-Marine career had her grappling with her unattractive career choices and how it affected her relationship with girlfriend, Alice.

Snoop was the first regular black lesbian character to appear on television, and her arc was not about her sexuality, even though she was very clearly a stud.

Jennifer Beals played the ultimate power lesbian who also happened to be multiracial on a (like it or not) pivotal show about lesbian lives and relationships.

She dated both Paige and Jenna before Aria shot her.

Marsha Thomason‘s special agent Diana had ups and downs in her personal life. Later, they broke it off and Diana’s role on the show was significantly smaller and relegated to her professional relationship with Peter and Neal.


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