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Rich, however, goes to work for Norfolk instead and eventually obtains from Cromwell a post as the attorney general for Wales in exchange for perjuring himself at More’s trial.When she visits her husband in prison, Alice finally shows him unconditional love, saying that the fact that “God knows why” More must die is good enough for her.Thomas Cromwell - A crafty lawyer who is the primary agent plotting against More.It is very important to Henry that others think of him as a moral person, and he therefore cares greatly about what More, a man of great moral repute, thinks of him.Henry, who believes that he can force everyone, including the pope, into validating his desires, wants to put his conscience at ease by forcing More to sanction the king’s divorce from Catherine.Therefore, most of these characters end up betraying their own personal moral values.Over the course of the play, the characters the Common Man plays become more and more guilt-ridden.Significantly, More makes no move to speak out against King Henry’s divorce or to make any public gesture that indicates his opinion on the matter.Only after Cromwell condemns him does Thomas reveal his true opinions. The Common Man - The Common Man sporadically narrates the play, and he plays the roles of most of the lower-class characters: More’s steward Matthew, the boatman, the publican (innkeeper), the jailer, the jury foreman, and the headsman (executioner).Roper’s high-minded ideals contrast with More’s level-headed morality, making Roper yet another foil for More.Each of Roper’s scenes shows him taking a public stance on a new issue, in opposition to More, who prefers to keep his opinions to himself.


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