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As most of you should know by now, our 10D9N Japan trip was also Little misschewy’s 2nd birthday trip 🙂 We had been to Phuket, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Penang as a family last year.This time, we decided to venture a little bit further and made Japan the holiday destination of our choice!This is something that will stay in our memories for a long time!

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Even so, we still made it our first stop in our Tokyo itinerary. Omamori are Japanese amulets that are commonly sold at religious sites such as temples and shrines. It is believed that these omamori provide various forms of protection and luck.

Interestingly, there is almost an omamori for everything – love, marriage, childbearing, smooth delivery, health, wealth, studies, safety for driving, and many more!

There were some items which we wanted to buy, such as the Life Sized Snorlax and Graduation Pikachu but they were no longer available when we were there 🙁 Get one of these life sized plushies if your luggage allows it! If not, you can always choose to hand-carry and snuggle with one on the plane 😛 Another night shopping area which we would recommend is Takeshita Dori at Harajuku, where you can find plenty of trendy shops and fashion boutiques.

Little misschewy had her first conveyor belt experience at Sushi-Nova and she was surprisingly well-behaved, considering she sat really still in misterchewy’s lap and ate some of the cooked food.

The steps are fairly simple; scoop the water from the purification fountain by using the ladle.

After rinsing both hands with water from the ladle, proceed to rinse your mouth but do not transfer the water directly into your mouth with the ladle.

The price of an omamori typically ranges from ‎¥500 to ‎¥1000 (S to ).

Some street peddlers and shops in Japan also sell omamori but for obvious reasons, people prefer to buy them at religious sites.

Do you know the significance of this 5-yen (Go-yen) coin?

In Japanese, Go-yen sounds like ご縁 which translates to fate, bond and relationship. Therefore, it is only naturally that worshippers prefer to use the 5-yen coin when praying at a temple or shrine.


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