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They also still don't know whether he took the LSD willingly, unknowingly, or was forced or pressured into ingesting it.Mr Medina said he had to hire a lawyer to get anything out of George Mason because the public college 'acts like it is a private university entitled to secrecy'.It wouldn’t surprise me if my sister and Ingrid are having intimate relations. When they are going to a party together, at the last minute Madonna often tells Ingrid that she can’t ride in her car because there is no room. But in a club, Madonna will give Ingrid a big kiss on the lips or cheek, and for the next few months Ingrid will live on that moment.

A butch version of Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid is boyish and fawnlike, with big slanting doe eyes. For the past year, ever since Ingrid met Sandra after one of her shows, they have been an item.

Ingrid knows how to make herself indispensable to Madonna.

Ingrid is a great networker and collector of gossip and is happy to pass information on to Madonna.

Madonna has a colorful—and extensive—dating history. The Queen of Pop has partook in a slew of high-profile romances, including her marriages to actor Sean Penn and filmmaker Guy Ritchie, her flings with baseball star Alex Rodriguez and Oscar-winner Warren Beatty, and her relationship with baby daddy and personal trainer Carlos Leon.

But there are some stars who've hooked up with Madonna that blew our minds.


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