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The service is delivered via contracts with individual schools, colleges and youth venues, with clients accessing the service from school or home.

Spot purchasing the service for a particular young person is also available.

These parks are what attracts so many families to spend their holiday in the Wilder Kaiser Region: the 60 creative points in the Hexenwasser, Hochsöll; the forest adventure park in the Kaiser Welt, Scheffau; the giant and the sundial path on the summit of the Hohe Salve; the mountain nature park of Alpinolino in Westendorf; and the Filzalmsee in Hochbrixen.

A day spent in the mountains flies by and you can get up and down easily with the summer lifts.

Rather, it stands out because its specifications and features are offered at a great value.

Despite having one of the lowest prices among the products we tested, it is a surprisingly strong contender.

The only problem we really have is that the image tends to be grainy unless the subject is very well lit.

The audio quality is also shockingly good when compared to similar PC cameras.

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