Love and dating customs in romania

I should add that, generally, Romanian men and women have a weakness for anything foreign; so if you are a foreign in Romania, that makes you exotic instantly and your chances to date –and more- are high.

A friend of mine was complaining the other day that in Romania male are coming mostly looking for the attractive Romanian female, while exotic foreign women for the Romanian male rarely.

Don’t worry, with a little help from Romanian Pod101, you can learn how to say I love you in Romanian and the top romantic phrases that will help you attract your soul mate.

But first, let’s learn how falling in love with a Romanian partner can quickly boost your language skills.

You can still find good guys, but these are afraid to approach women genuinely and often girls are left out being approached by awfully boring, persistent types….because the boring, uninteresting ones are always persistent. As mentioned before, I don’t know much about the Romanian man profile lately, as I wasn’t hanging with Romanian men much, or at least I didn’t find yet a truly intriguing one.

I am also not into the ‘hunting foreigners’ typology, is just happened that I have been in love with a foreigner, and in the last few years I have travelled and met other people, so not much socializing with Romanian men in this context.

At Romanian Pod101, our focus is to help our students learn practical vocabulary and phrases that are actually used by everyday people in Romania.

What this means is that from your very first lesson, you can start applying what you learn immediately!

In fact, you will find it extremely difficult or even impossible to attract a Romanian girlfriend or lover without having at least a working knowledge of the language first.

And even if everything goes perfectly and you do fall in love, communication is the key to every successful relationship.


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