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Or there’s Ocean Springs, a tiny southern beach enclave with a stretch of bars that boasts one of the best live music scenes in the South.

And then there’s Gulfport, which is quickly becoming a hotbed of young creatives, exemplified by the beer at Chandeleur brewing and the food at Corks and Cleaver.

Lazier sorts can hitch an off-season chairlift ride at Camden Snow Bowl for similar vistas.

To cool down, you can brave the ocean temps at Laite Memorial Beach or do the freshwater thing at Megunticook Lake.

Lock and Key Events transform a regular happy hour by adding the ULTIMATE ice breaker theme. With your lock or key, you now have a reason to talk to anyone and everyone you want!

What a great way to unwind after a long work week..kick off a night on the town!Before we could get started, we had to meet (and eventually choose) the various nonprofits competing for an Ignite Louisville team; competing for us.In short, the challenge before the Challenge was to get to know 12 different organizations over the course of two hours. Just after finishing up an indulgent lunch of lasagna and fettuccini alfredo, our freshly-formed team of eight local professionals began our journey of quick-fire questions and elevator speeches in a carbohydrate-induced haze.We made our decision this week, and will find out next month who we’ll be spending a lot more time with in the coming months.We’ve all got our fingers crossed the speed dating approach will prove successful for us, but no matter the match, we think it will be the beginning of a beautiful (and impactful) friendship.The Children’s Hospital Foundation is hoping to develop a program for local school students with both educational and development goals.We came away from the experience blown away by the vision these organizations and people have for our community, and just how much there is to do to get there.Being a pretty diverse group of individuals, many of whom were eager to wrap up at this point and get back to Louisville for the Uof L-UCF football game, we had to quickly develop a fair method for deciding which organizations and projects we were going to shoot for.Numbers usually being fair, we each scored all 12 organizations, added up a cumulative score for each, and left the retreat with the top five to ponder for a few days before submitting our top three choices.by Jacqueline Brill, Ignite Louisville Class of 2014 After a day and a half full of introductions, team building activities and icebreakers, it was time to kick-off the Yum!Ignites Louisville Challenge, the service learning component of the program that pairs Ignite teams with a local nonprofit to design and execute a project.


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