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She had greeted them on Dec 1 when they were still moving in, walking over in an all-white outfit with a welcoming package full of fancy food items that must have been incredibly expensive.Jasmine opened the door, happy she was somewhat dressed up.

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"Oh yeah," Charlotte nodded, as she assessed the sexy MILF, curious if she was a lesbian virgin.

Jasmine noticed the tone but couldn't read it, as the pretty blonde complimented, "You look so festive in that seasonal outfit." "Like I said, I really like Christmas," Jasmine explained, She thought she needed to defend the short dress that she was realizing just now didn't hide the tops of her lace top thigh highs, so she added, "I was planning on surprising my husband." "Looks like you're preparing to be a holiday treat," Charlotte said bluntly, looking forward to tasting her prey.

Thanks to a strong neighborhood association (which in truth was no more than a front for the Club), these days, the only families allowed to move into the neighbourhood had to include a daughter of age (or close to reaching it) and a delicious looking MILF.

The gated community looked idyllic and rich, kind of like Desperate Housewives (although in this community the only desperation was for young ripe pussy). " Jasmine asked, looking at the pretty woman dressed way too fine again for just visiting a neighbour, especially the open-toed heels showcasing her nylon-clad toes.

Her husband had come home today after being gone for four days and nights at meetings, so she wanted to look cute on the outside and sexy underneath (she always wore nylons and almost always they were thigh highs as she liked giving her aggressive dominant husband easy access to her cunt and occasionally her ass, so after four days apart she was eager to be a three-hole fuck slut for him).

"Hi, Charlotte." "Hi, Jasmine," Charlotte greeted, her mouth already salivating about being the one chosen to add the newest family to the secret Mother-Daughter Swap Club that had grown greatly in this upscale community since Mistress Josie had started it a few years ago."It's been a ton of work, but I hate living out of boxes," Jasmine said.Although all the furniture and appliances were brand new, everything else had come from Canada. All of which needed to be unpacked by her, since her husband Dave was busily learning his new job almost 24/7, and her daughter, Ashley, was attending high school every day. "I imagine so." Charlotte nodded sympathetically, looking at the fully decorated Christmas tree.She'd been working her ass off for almost three weeks to put her new home in order while her husband got accustomed to his new job as a CEO of a big oil corporation in the United States. The move had come suddenly when Dave got the opportunity of a lifetime.Jasmine ended up reluctantly quitting her teaching job to follow him from Canada after working through her month's notice to give her school board time to find a qualified replacement."He should know soon, they should be landing any second." "Well, I guess this meal is going to be way too much," Jasmine sighed. " "I quite hungry," Charlotte said, her tone full of innuendo. Ashley should be here in half an hour." "Perfect," Charlotte said, timing everything, and already having taken Ashley's daily schedule into account and even modifying today's somewhat.Jasmine poured two mugs of coffee just as her cell phone rang.Jasmine reached the front door in her massive new house, three times the size of her moderately sized home back in Canada and looked through the peephole.It was Charlotte, one of her new neighbours a few doors down.Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, thor_p, Black Rand, Wayne, and Robert for editing this story.PS: This was inspired by many stories I have read over the years, requests by fans, as well as a video series called Mother-Daughter Swap Club that I have always enjoyed despite being frustrated by the lack of a real plot (not that porn often has a good plot).


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