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As much as feral strongmen politicos who once cried Havoc!and let slip the dogs of war are adored by the rabid masses.

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There also are the families of the cadres who mourn for their children. The emotions are the same for all, regardless of race, religion, and geographical location.

These emotions should be respected and given the space that they deserve. May 18 (NR) The International Monetary Fund has commended the automatic fuel pricing mechanism introduced by the govt recently.

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Maybe canines pass muster with men because the former idolise the latter.

May 18 (DM) The Wildlife Ministry ordered for an investigation into the incident where an elephant was found with gunshot injuries in Gomarankadawala, Trincomalee had been left without treatment by Wildlife Conservation Department officials claiming the injury was incurable.

Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma said that this elephant was found with gunshot injuries in January, 2018 and more..May 21 (ST) Malaysias new PM Mahathir stepped forward ten days ago to present in person the evidence to support the claim of the young at heart: that age is just a biological number, At the age of ninety plus two, when others of his same vintage would not ponder buying green bananas at the supermarket fearing they would kick the bucket before the fruits ripen and turn yellow, Mahathir bin Mohammed, after serving a 22-year stint as Malaysias PM whose reign ended in 2003, more..May 21 (ST) Somewhere, someone remarked to me this week that patriotism is at its most virulent when stalking the minds and intellects of human beings rather than when it cloaks itself in the deceptively heroic guise of (most always) men waging war against each other on the battlefield. Is it overstating the case to say that nine years after fighting between the LTTE and the state military ended in the Wanni, Sri Lankas ethnic communities are no closer to each other more..On May 19, 2009, there was general elation in SL that fighting was over. May 18 (ST) A disturbing trend among youth is generating red signals across the country, spurring a strong, coordinated crackdown by many govt agencies to cut off the smuggling trail over sea and land.Five brands of tramadol (an opioid painkiller) which are unregistered in SL are being smuggled into the country from India.Speaking at a media breifing a member of the IMF Communications Department Gerry Rice said the automatic fuel pricing mechanism marks a major step towards completing the energy pricing reforms underway in SL.Rice said the price formula also minimizes the fiscal risks. May 18 (EN) Sri Lanka has used risky bank borrowings to repay maturing long bonds it has been revealed, raising questions on the role played by the move in an April shock to the monetary system from tens of billions of newly created money that hit the credibility of a dollar peg and sent the rupee crashing down.Though there wasnt much hype over the event, more..May 18 (DM) The commemoration of those killed in the north during the war has by now been a matter generally accepted, formalized with all northern Tamil political parties except the EPDP and the Northern Provincial Council organizing commemorative events.And then there are the once adulated rescuers of our imperilled democratic-republican project, who would (it seemed then) deliver us from our saviours.They like the self-proclaimed political messiahs whom they replaced have gone the way of all more..


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