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For others who misjudge mutual attraction, it can result in awkward or embarrassing situations, such as trying to end an unwanted conversation.

Fourth, there is a time lag in the back and forth flow of information between the two parties.

The users must gauge ‘chemistry’ purely from an exchange of textual data, thus leading to uncertainty whether mutual attraction exists between two users.

As a result, many shy people never end up making the first move for fear that the other person may not share a mutual interest.

However, today's fast-paced lifestyles have caused single people to come under increasing time pressures at work, school, and play.

Such lifestyles leave little time left for conventional dating.Furthermore, single people are more mobile than ever, which makes it more difficult to meet people for dating.Also, individuals have higher expectations of meeting the ‘right’ person: someone with whom they are compatible and with whom they have ‘chemistry’.Described herein is a method and system for connecting and matching users in an electronic dating service.In one embodiment of the invention, subscribers, or users, of the dating service are connected for a brief duration of time.First, the sign-up process is cumbersome because users must complete lengthy questionnaires and compose essay-type questions.This results in a high rate of abandonment during the sign-up process.One problem with this method of matching is that the weights assigned to each matching factor are arbitrary.For some individuals, it would be more important that their match was tall than if they had dark hair, but this is not taken into account.During that time the users have a date, or more specifically, a real-time conversation.After the real-time conversation, the users are disconnected from each other and separately asked if they enjoyed the date, or in other words if they felt a mutual attraction, and if they would like to have further contact with each other.


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