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Leggy Dina is frogtied with a generous amount of rope.

She is wearing a pair of white sheer DANSKIN tights under a nice velvet leotard.

So she does what every good hostage has to do: Get used to being bound and gagged as long as it takes.

Anna only reminds Renee being careful while tying up her legs, because her WOLFORD tights have been very expensive! Helena was stressed from work and really exhausted.

After Lara and Paula are chairtied (with a lot of ropes that are certainly secure and tight) it's time for them to be gagged: First a stocking is packed into the mouth and then the microfoam tape is wrapped around the head, making a very effective gag. Helena gets #tiedup REALLY #tight by PAULA with her arms stuck in #thighboots, wearing brown #overkneeboots.

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She gets #bound with #ropes, #mouthstuffed with a #harnessgag & forced to smell Paulas #heels. Helena was helplessly encased in ropes but still extremely comfortable.

Of course it's just a job to toas the company Anna works for got blackmailed by some villains and Renee was hired to do the "dirty work" and keep Anna "safe" until the ransom is paid.

Both act very professional since Anna knows it's nothing personal.

These knots are well out of reach so Carola has to focus on her breathtaking challenges: A rope around her slender neck, a plastic bag over her head and tape wrapped over her mouth AND nose, sealing both shut.

Carola cant reach the bag or the tape with her hands so she needs to relax before she runs out of air. Lara and Paula can't stay out of bondage: Two college roommates that are bound and gagged by a prowler.


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