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Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am no prude, I was just good at keeping my virginity intact.

Now Bobby works on an air tanker; it is one of those great big planes that refuel other planes in the air.

I saw one in a shoe store, so I filled out an application.

I just walked around and if I saw a store I thought might be fun to work at, I walked in and asked for an application for work.

Sometime around 2 that afternoon, I walked by a movie theater and on the marquee it had pictures of very sexy girls and big banners saying “Adults Only” I also noticed a “help wanted” sign in the cashier’s window. ” The young woman said, “Sorry, honey, but you need to be 18 to work here.” I smiled and said very proudly, “I am 18.

I just turned 18 two months ago.” She smiled and said, “Jack is inside on the left, go through the those doors.

And after about six months of a steady diet of those sex books, (I have to tell you some of those books are downright filthy! Now, I am telling you all this so you have a better understanding of where I am coming from (so to speak) We are getting along just fine on Bobby’s pay; our rent is low, and we stay at home (when he is home) and when he is gone, well, I stay at home.

That has brought a big change in both of our lives.

Two nights ago, after we made love for a good hour, we began to just talk.

Bobby feels bad because his job is always taking him away from me and I end up staying in the apartment alone.


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