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It's not a re-breather since the gas mask exhales into the open room.The system sucks out the air under the waders creating a partial vacuum with each breath that air slowly fills back between breaths.

I can relax with this system for many long minutes, though once I achieve an orgasm, I have a hard time keeping the mask on through "recovery" but have managed a couple of times to let that surge pass and return my body (and breathing) to a more relaxed state.

Latest True Bliss in Rubber Rbrbill – May 19, 2013 I got another Hydroglove dry suit this Friday. I cut the legs on one two years ago and added the lower leg to another pants to make longer legs since I am over 6 feet 6 inches tall.

Once the inlet of the tube is in the space at the crotch, I use a flat gasket made from an old glove and Gorilla tape to seal the tube between the wader and the outer dry suit shirt. I put on a wide belt above the tube but over the sealed gasket and cinch the belt tight.

This reduces the air access between the wader and the suit to a minimum.

When I am close to cumming the breaths get quick and replenishment isn't as complete - thus I get a very near to asphyxiation experience.

I watch that closely and am ready to whip off the mask but I have done this several times and been totally satisfied with the results (if you get my drift)...totally satisfied.

The partial vacuum created by the sucking of air pulls new air between the waders and the inner suits.

The flow is enough to just recover the air in the space before my next hot rubbery scented breath.

I attach an Israeli style gas mask with it eye ports covered with thick layers of liquid latex to the tube.

When I put on the mask and tighten the harness the only air I receive must come from the space inside the wader.


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