Lily dating jackson

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Later, a secret about her surfaces and she blames Jackson.

Meanwhile, Robby tries to teach Rico how to country-line dance to impress a girl.

Season 3, Episode 6January 11, 2009Lilly holds a yard sale to raise money for a class trip to Washington, D.

C., and Miley pays customers to buy items at the sale; Rico hires an aggressive environmentalist to work at the surf shop, but he isn't happy when she implements extreme eco-friendly measures.

She ends up running the school cafeteria with an iron fist, prompting Miley and Jackson to devise a plan to get her replaced without hurting her feelings.

Season 3, Episode 14May 3, 2009Miley inadvertently agrees to go to the prom with the school nerd and then backs out when she has an opportunity to record a duet with David Archuleta (who appears in a cameo).Season 3, Episode 23September 20, 2009Oliver is diagnosed with diabetes.When Miley and Lilly hear about it, they appoint themselves as his personal food police at Traci's sweet-16 birthday party.Season 3, Episode 16June 7, 2009Miley runs into Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) in Las Vegas.She's shocked to learn that he plans to marry Traci, so she plots to stop the wedding.Meanwhile, Oliver wants to break up with his bossy girlfriend (Carrie Ann Inaba) but he's too scared to do it, so Jackson gives him some advice on how to make her dump him instead.Season 3, Episode 10March 15, 2009Hannah pretends to be the girlfriend of a fellow celebrity whom she can't stand in order to gain publicity; Jackson considers cheating on a test; Robby is tricked into doing business with Rico.Season 3, Episode 11March 22, 2009Miley tricks Jackson into believing he worships her after he suffers temporary memory loss; Lilly reluctantly pretends to be Rico's girlfriend when his competitive cousin visits from Australia.Season 3, Episode 12March 29, 2009Miley's Mamaw (Vicki Lawrence) visits while Robby attends a high-school reunion.She returns to the program to explain herself, but ends up making things worse.Season 3, Episode 9March 8, 2009Miley wants to fire Hannah's new choreographer, but the abrasive guy and Robby have become fast friends.


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