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The meeting/dating industry is primed for the right company to acquire my Lets Meet TV Show. I want this interactive social network to go to a good home, fraud free, scam free and respect for women.

FORBES - An analysis of the security practices of 24 leading online dating sites has concluded that only seven use secure-enough password practices.

This is an unparalleled TV opportunity that showcases people on TV [a better mouse trap] making it very easy to meet one another.

Nothing other than viewing photographic headshots of member's faces is ever conducted on any Internet devise.

You select who you want to speak with; you call the person you want to speak with privately or call customer service and ask to participate in a survey to contact a member for free.

Survey calls from major vendors will pay $2.00 or more per survey.

This interactive TV social network has zero competition in the world.Cut thru the chase and all the associated games & scams that are so prevalent on the risky Internet.You can easily get discovered; be a TV celebrity & co-star on TV, [you don't have to go naked either] meet new friends, find old ones too!Besides social networking to meet new friends or to rekindle old friendships people can also use the TV show to enhance job finding skill through networking with members--It's a great icebreaker to start up a conversation so each can start a friendship to discuss each other job skills and occupations to find a better employment opportunities.All members are photographed at a professional casting call in all the malls kiosk areas nationwide before going globally.Forty million people go to dating websites monthly in the US--did you also know over 290 million people watch TV daily nationwide?Online dating revenues are growing 10 percent to 15 percent per year, on track to hit one point nine billion dollars within three years.e Harmony's company's founder admitted that 70% of their clients are not currently happy with the online service.Just think if both their business models were broadcast on television how much more successful they would both be?I will now lease all my US Copyrights and WGA-West-Writer's Registration to a good company without retainer option for free forever as long as I can get a small residual commission on each phone call that is placed when members contact one another either thru the .00 fee or if the member opts to make a free survey call that pays you .00 on up depending on the survey or company that does the survey calls.All calls to other members are valued at .00 regardless if free to the client or they pay the .00 fee per call.


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