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Or call us and tell us a story about your leap -- good, bad, ugly, whatever.

S., has been buying up smaller dating services for years.

In 2011, Match Group acquired Ok Cupid, and in 2015, it bought the Vancouver-based dating site, Plenty of Fish, for $575 million US.

Lisa works with Amy and me at KQED (where she produces two excellent series, Truly California and Film School Shorts, both of which you should check out).

For the past few years, Lisa’s been watching something unfold within a small, tightly knit group of her friends. Also: turns out we’ve been talking up a bad email address.

Several said "women have always been the hunted and men have always been the hunter," or assumed that women who didn't want to throw their pictures online immediately must have something to hide."Most of the deep pockets in Silicon Valley are married men over 40.

They never experienced the world of dating as it is now – with mobile text at the center," she says.In the end, that approach may not be so revolutionary: it's similar to real life, Ms. Men tend to make the "risky initiatives," as Loyola Marymount University psychologist Dr.Michael Mills has argued: verbal and physical invitations with pretty clear intent.Wolfe is leading a new wave of app developers "changing the rules of the game," as Bumble's tagline promises, to help the Internet deliver on one of its less successful possibilities: to improve dating not just through quantity, but quality.And while endless yes-or-no swiping on potential dates might seem like a level playing field, these women are highlighting the ways older apps are still built with men in mind — and building "women first" sites that let them initiate contact on their own terms. In 2012, she co-founded Tinder, the original "swiping" app whose roughly 50 million users love to hate it.Women, meanwhile, often try to set the stage with more subtle "proceptive behaviors," shows of interest that aren't as unambiguous, a difference he attributes to the sexes' different needs for paternal confidence.(In a nutshell, society considers it riskier for females to seem eager for romantic advances, since men can't be sure who's fathered a child.)But women want to be sure the men on the receiving end of those "proceptive behaviors" aren't creeps, and Bumble, Siren, and a slew of other sites — including "Yelp for Men" Lulu, question-first Willow, and invite-only Wyldfire — are trying to make sure that's the case.Bumble's critics contend that while it may cut down on creepy first messages, it's still basically Tinder, and making women talk first can mean more extra work than real power.At Siren, an app launched in 2014, the all-female leadership team is unapologetic about their belief that women date differently: "personality first," for both safety and compatibility."We are two guys," Wyldfire co-founder Brian Freeman told Forbes."But I think we picked up early on that in the world of dating, women, in essence, run the show."With women-first apps, that may come closer to the truth.


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