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I knew that it was wrong that I was taking the family’s money so that their daughter would suck my dick but I didn’t really care at this point and I wanted to take things even further.

I undressed her completely and threw her dress away as she continued sucking on my cock.

Then the hot teen opend her mouth and put it there.

She was sucking my cock so well and I couldn’t help myself but enjoy it.

She started practicing and soon enough I noticed that she’s got other inclinations as well.

I started rubbing her shoulders behind her back as she got more excited.The wet feeling of my tongue around her anus simply made her wet and I was in for a mighty fine treat if I kept this up.I then started sucking on her pussy and licking it with very intense and sensual strokes of my tongue.The teen whore was taking my cock really hard and so I decided to help her out by starting to fuck her from beneath her.The young naked girl was taking my huge cock so hard and eventually sucked on it till I was ready to cum inside her mouth. He really looks at his daughter like she’s a fuck toy and how can she not when the teen looks this hot, especially after her morning jog.She was being drilled by her daddy’s cock and she couldn’t get enough of it at all.Her amazing cute face was filled with pleasure and joy as he started going harder and harder.I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and as I was returning I’ve noticed that the music stopped.The girl stopped practicing so I peeked the corner to see what’s going on and the slut was stroking her pussy right there on the piano chair.I went in front of her and she started touching my cock over my trousers and I couldn’t help but get hard from this.Soon enough the horny little slut pulled my cock out after unzipping my trousers and started playing piano with my dick.


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