Late night dating

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Many pool halls and bowling alleys are open well into the wee hours of the night, particularly on weekends.

Some of these establishments may appear to be a little grungier and they can get shadier at night, so do choose a pool hall that is in the nicer part of town and appears to be a little more respectable for your safety.

What's great about visiting a 24-hour greasy spoon diner in the middle of the night is that it generally isn't busy, which allows for more intimate conversation.

Share a milkshake and have a great talk over some comfort food.

The cliche of learning how to line up a cue on a pool table cannot be ignored.

Just like the moonlit stroll idea, no one ever said that you couldn't have just as much of a good time at the beach at night as you can during the day; it just happens to be a very different kind of experience.Research the best vantage points in your town to watch the sunrise together.These are often eastward-facing hillsides with unobstructed views or, if you're lucky, you may have an eastward-facing beach next to a large lake.Grab your significant other and go visit a quaint shopping area, or the neighborhood around your local coffee shop.Depending on where you live safety might be a concern, so try to find a place that does have at least a few other people roaming around as well.Put them all into a hat and pick out three at random.The winner of the home triathlon can then be awarded a prize, like a sensual massage or a day free from chores where the loser must do the laundry and mop the floor. There are many karaoke bars across the country where volunteers can come up on stage in front of strangers to belt out their favorite songs.Be silly, be romantic, or be everything in between.The stereotypical date consisting of dinner and movie doesn't have to take place during conventional hours.Sit on the beach and listen as the waves come crashing in, all surrounded by the stillness and solitude of the night. Just make sure you check with local authorities to ensure that there are no restrictions against beach usage after certain hours.One of the keys to a great relationship is the willingness to try something new.


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