Kimberley locke is dating

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I have to say that the title is indicative of the talent.

These contestants come on the show and tell us how great they are, comparing themselves to Mariah and J. It just goes to show that people’s perceptions of themselves are everything.

Brianna: You did a duet with Clay on your last album, .

Would you ever consider doing a duet with Ruben Studdard? Kimberley Locke: Before the show, I guess what inspired me was just the way [music] made me feel.

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Kimberley Locke: The show is a lot of fun, the contestants have to sing, dance, and act.

TV with Mee Vee: It kind of reminds me of the early rounds of . TV with Mee Vee: I love your reaction shots, they keep cutting back to you, what’s going through your mind?

Kimberley Locke: Sometimes I have to ask, can these people not really hear themselves?

Kimberley Locke: Absolutely, Ruben gave me so much flack about that duet with Clay (laughs). Now that I’m on the other side of the picture, my fans inspire me.

They have a way of putting things in perspective, when they come up to me and say, "That song, it really meant something to me." You don’t realize how much your music affects people’s lives.


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