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We must pray the two groups are never allowed to join forces.

We must pray the two groups are never allowed to join forces.

Shortly afterwards, in a revenge attack, the CIA suffered its worst losses ever when a double agent working for the Taliban detonated a huge car bomb inside the US base Camp Chapman in Afghanistan’s Khost Province.

Army and police training academies have been prime targets, but there is something truly wicked about the targeting of so many children at an army school educating the children of forces personnel.

The great problem for the army is that the terrorists are an invisible force who can move where they like within the country, striking inside major cities like Karachi, which are virtually lawless nowadays and riven with crime.

They have acted with such indiscriminate violence that even those sections of the Pakistani security establishment that cynically sought to use the Taliban to gain leverage inside Afghanistan began to realise that they had a tiger by the tail.

As a result, it sought to destabilise the regime in Kabul by allowing Taliban fighters to pass across the porous border with Pakistan, as well as sharing intelligence with the militants.


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